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What is The SLUP?

The Strategic Land Use Plan (SLUP) of the St. Louis Comprehensive Plan is the City’s general land use plan. The Strategic Land Use Plan sets out a vision for how we can best use the land in our city, block by block, to guide future development. It doesn’t make development happen, but it guides what kind should occur where.

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Why is The SLUP important?
Why should I care about it?

The SLUP serves as St. Louis’s “city plan for the physical development of the municipality,” which means it authorizes what kind of development can happen, and where, throughout the city. For example, the City’s Planning Commission reviews redevelopment plans, zoning text amendments, and rezonings created by people who are doing new development projects to make sure they conform with the SLUP. The Planning and Urban Design Agency also reviews zoning variances and other adopted plans to make sure they are in line with the SLUP. And the SLUP can also guide proactive policy changes, like redevelopment plans and zoning changes. In other words, the SLUP legally establishes the community’s aspirations for what future development should happen in different places.

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