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In The Community of St. Louis

"This city has so
much potential!" 

- St. Louis Resident

Community Engagement

St. Louis Resident

"[We] should further humanize the spaces, make them spaces everyone feels safe and comfortable to live in." 

County Resident

"We need to be more inviting as a city and focus on making places more lively. Everyone thinks of the city as a dangerous place and downtown as well as its surrounding areas should at least not SEEM very dangerous." 

St. Louis Resident

"We need to be one cohesive city for future success while celebrating the individuality or identities of unique neighborhoods." 

Neighborhood Walking Tours

Earlier this month our team met with Aaron Williams from 4theVille - an organization that develops programs and encourages preservation of The Ville. Aaron took our team, city staff, and members of the steering committee on a walking tour of The Ville neighborhood and shared with us some of the area’s history, and showed us what areas are working well currently, and what areas have a lot of potential. 

THE VILLE is a historic African-American neighborhood located in St. Louis, Missouri with a rich history of African-American education, business, entertainment and culture. The neighborhood is bounded by St. Louis Avenue on the North, Martin Luther King drive on the South, Sarah on the East and Taylor on the West.

We are looking forward to participating in more walking tours of St. Louis neighborhoods.

"[The] future of land use needs to prioritize making communities livable - safe and affordable housing, good schools, green spaces for flood water retention and recreation, and usable public transit. We have enough entertainment districts."

- St. Louis Resident

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