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About The City of St. Louis Strategic Land Use Plan

What Is The SLUP?

The Strategic Land Use Plan (SLUP) of the St. Louis Comprehensive Plan is the City’s general land use plan. The Strategic Land Use Plan sets out a vision for how we can best use the land in our city, block by block, to guide future development. It doesn’t make development happen, but it guides what kind should occur where.

The Current SLUP

The current Strategic Land Use Plan of the St. Louis Comprehensive Plan

can be viewed on The City's website in the link below.

Updates to the Plan since the original adoption in 2005 have been made

to the Strategic Land Use Plan Map in the link below.

To review the actual amendments since 2005 please see the link below. This provides a list of how and where the Plan has been amended since the paper Plan was published in 2005.  


Why is The SLUP important? Why should I care about it?

The SLUP serves as St. Louis’s “city plan for the physical development of the municipality,” which means it authorizes what kind of development can happen, and where, throughout the city. For example, the City’s Planning Commission reviews redevelopment plans, zoning text amendments, and rezonings created by people who are doing new development projects to make sure they conform with the SLUP. The Planning and Urban Design Agency also reviews zoning variances and other adopted plans to make sure they are in line with the SLUP. And the SLUP can also guide proactive policy changes, like redevelopment plans and zoning changes. In other words, the SLUP legally establishes the community’s aspirations for what future development should happen in different places.

Why does The SLUP need an update?

A lot has changed in St. Louis since the first Strategic Land Use Plan (SLUP) was created in 2005. The updated SLUP will reflect the opportunities, challenges, and development dynamics facing our city today. While the City has been continuously amending the 2005 SLUP, this holistic update is a chance to comprehensively consider how our land use can best reflect St. Louis’s current conditions and aspirations. 


What are the goals of
The SLUP update?

The goals of this Strategic Land Use Plan Update are as follows: 

  1. To critically review and revise the Strategic Land Use Plan–including its land use categories and citywide block-level map–to define aspirational development patterns for the city’s future; 

  2. To clearly and holistically reflect land use aspirations of the St. Louis community in light of current and future needs, goals, opportunities, values, and challenges; 

  3. To critically review and refine how the Strategic Plan is used by the City, community partners, and residents to align implementation of the Strategic Land Use Plan; 

  4. To embed current best practices in the City’s regulating land use plan; 

  5. To affirmatively foster prosperity and quality of life in historically underinvested neighborhoods; 

  6. To provide a foundation for future land use policy refinement (e.g., updates to the zoning code); and 

  7. To identify other recommended best practices and strategies for implementation. 

How can I contribute
to The SLUP update?

The SLUP impacts the lives of residents and visitors to St. Louis, so we want to hear from you. Find the current opportunities for public participation here:

Got more questions?
Check out the FAQ 

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