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Meet The Team

Throughout the 18 month SLUP update we will be working with many different groups including people who live, work, and play in St. Louis through public workshops and pop-ups throughout St. Louis, several Working Groups, and a Steering Committee of 12 Louisans selected by lottery. 

St. Louis Residents

All St. Louis City residents and visitors have an important role in this project by offering their input and perspectives.

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Working Groups
Working Groups are focused on Quality of Life, Resilience, and Equity

City of
St. Louis

Don Roe

Executive Director, Planning and Urban Design Agency

Miriam Keller

City Planning Executive, Planning and Urban Design Agency

Meet The Steering Committee

The steering committee, composed of twelve St. Louisans selected by lottery, will help guide the direction of the new SLUP. We asked each member the following question: Why do you want to be part of the steering committee? Here’s what they said!

Project Team

  • City of St. Louis, Planning & Urban Design Agency

  • Interboro Partners, Team Lead

  • Code Studio, Land Use & Zoning

  • Public Design Bureau, Community Engagement

  • Lochmueller, Mobility & Environmental

  • BJH Advisors, Housing & Economic Development

  • Menke Consulting, Resiliency

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